While the ASCIA 2014 Conference discusses many diseases and conditions we like to think it was all about HAE. And I have to say there was many other issues discussed in the lecture theaters But in my opinion the brightest and most eye catching stand in the exhibition hall without doubt was hosted by Shire and myHAE smartphone companion.

myHAE is a smartphone App for patients with an apple iPhone or Android smartphone. Patients with HAE can record details of their attacks on their phone. The information is stored on their phone alone. It allows for the recording of multiple patients on the one phone. Attacks can be described in terms of type, location, severity and duration. You can also upload a photo if you like. These details are then saved to the App Diary. You can email the reports to yourself for extra safe keeping. Your healthcare provider may request you email your reports to them, or you may like to take printouts to appointments.

The App has links to HAEAustralasia and to the ASCIA website.

The App can be downloaded from the App Store or GooglePlay.

I cant believe HAE has gone from obscurity to Bright Pink and Orange