This Christmas, give the gift of a donation to HAE Australasia.  Not only will you be helping to improve the quality of life for those living with Hereditary Angioedema (HAE), you will also help to spread the awareness of HAE in the community and the recipient will feel proud that they are making a difference to the lives of those suffering this serious and potentially life threatening condition.  The person you give the Donation Gift to may also be excited about a free tax deduction! (Australian tax residents only).

With each Donation Gift that you make, you’ll be given:

-A Christmas Card to give to the gift recipient

-A certificate/receipt of donation for the gift recipient

Simply complete the Donation gift request form and return it to HAE Australasia no later than 5PM Wednesday December 17th 2014 to ensure that your Gifts will be ready to give by Christmas!  Note: each Donation Gift must be at least $5.