The beautiful view of the Swan River provided the perfect backdrop for the WA HAE meet up held at the East Fremantle Yacht Club on November 28, 2015.

As patients and carers came together to meet with others living in W.A, friendships were formed and attendees were educated by our guest speakers.

A/Professor Richard Loh discussed HAE in children with some interesting information of a higher rate of coeliac disease in children with HAE and reiterating the importance of every child with HAE wearing a MedicAlert(link is external) bracelet at all times.

Next up Clinical immunologist Dominic Mallon addressed the group, discussing HAE in adults and pregnancy. He spoke of the hospitals in W.A where patients should attend and explained the importance of patients carrying and referring to their HAE ASCIA action plan(link is external).

After lunch, we heard from health & wellbeing coach Kathy Stratford who discussed the importance of trying to reduce stress and shared some meditation techniques that patients can learn themselves to use in their times of need.