Get your HAE under control with the HAE TrackR app

In 2021 HAE International launched a new app, HAE TrackR – an easy-to-use electronic diary.

HAE TrackR 

  • has a user friendly design and is very easy to use
  • records your HAE attacks, treatments, and the impact HAE has on your life and the life of your loved ones
  • allows you to download a comprehensive report of your attacks and treatments – the report can be shared with your physician and be used as a tool for you and your physician in managing your HAE
  • is safe and secure – all data gathered in the app is your property alone and will not be shared with anyone unless you decide to
  • is a product and company neutral app, which means no commercials
  • is endorsed by the ACARE network (Angioedema Center of Reference and Excellence)
  • can be accessed from any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) anywhere in the world

Why wait? Start using the HAE TrackR app today!

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