Quite a number of people have told HAEi that they would really have liked to participate in the Camino Walk in northern Spain but are unable for one reason or the other. Therefore they have arranged a global HAE walk. It works in this very simple way:

You can participate wherever you are. All you need to do is

(1) walk any distance you like wherever you like – on your own or together with others,

(2) go to the campaign website at www.haei.org/steps(link is external), and

(3) press “Enter your walk here” and tell us what distance you have walked.

We will then add your steps to those of all the people doing the HAE Camino Walk in Spain.


The campaign is open all through May 2016 – and you are free to enter as many walks as you like. A small walk alone around your block, a weekend stroll with friends or an event with many participants – it’s all up to you. Every step counts.


At www.haei.org/steps(link is external) you can see how many steps have been taken, who have entered their walks, and where the walkers are located. Please visit – and please note that everyone is very welcome to go to the campaign page. Maybe you can even use the website for recording a walk (or a run) that you might be making in your country on or around hae day :-) 2016.